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Thai Keflavik |Soups

101. Tom Yamm Goong (Go wild, ask for extra chilli)
Spicy prawn soup in a clear broth.. 2.190 kr.

102. Tom Yamm Kai
Spicy chicken soup in a clear broth.. 2.090 kr.

103. Tom Kha Goong
Prawn soup with herbs in coconut milk…2.190 kr.

104. Tom Kha Kai
Chicken soup with herbs in coconut milk…2.090 kr.

105. Tom yamm Ta lay
Spiced seafood soup with fish, prawns and scallops…2.190 kr.

106. Tom Kha Ta Lay
Seafood soup with fish, prawns, scallops and herbs in coconut milk…2.190 kr.


Thai food is intended to be eaten among friends. Normally many different dishes are ordered and shared among everyone. Soups are eaten with other dishes, not separately. Hot dishes are balanced with milder ones. Thai people have a strong sense and desire for fun and they clearly regard their food as one of life's greatest pleasures which only grows when shared. Why don't you give eating the Thai way a try?


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